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Support Group

Our monthly support groups are a valuable resource for individuals and families affected by prostate cancer, offering a supportive and understanding environment where people can share their experiences, find encouragement, and access helpful information. These groups convene each month at various locations including Thornton Heath Croydon, St. Stephen’s Church Vauxhall, The Glass Mill Lewisham, and St. James Church Bermondsey.

Support groups provide an opportunity for participants to connect with others who are going through similar experiences, share coping strategies, and receive emotional support. Often, guest speakers, healthcare professionals, and counselors are invited to provide insights on various aspects of cancer care, treatment, and survivorship.

For specific times and locations of the support groups, individuals are encouraged to reach out to us directly via the contact details provided below. They can inquire about upcoming meetings, topics of discussion, and any other relevant information.

To obtain more detailed information about our monthly support groups, please feel free to contact us on  0333 33 55 916 or email us at info@cancerdontletitwincic. We are here to assist and support you in any way we can.

We are pleased to be working with Jeff from the organisation Cancer Don’t Let It Win to launch a new Peer Support Group in Lewisham. Jeff brings a wealth of Lived Experience and Expertise, and vast knowledge of running groups across the South East.

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