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Prostate Cancer Awareness Events



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Our Prostate Cancer Awareness Events are designed to engage and educate our community about the importance of prostate health and to provide support for those affected by prostate cancer. These events are held every three months and feature a variety of entertaining and informative activities aimed at raising awareness and dispelling myths surrounding prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Comedy Nights: We believe that laughter can be a powerful tool in addressing serious subjects. Our comedy nights feature talented comedians who use humor to shed light on the realities of prostate cancer while providing an enjoyable and light-hearted atmosphere for attendees.

Prostate Cancer Awareness Concerts: Music has the ability to bring people together, and our awareness concerts aim to do just that. By showcasing local and national musical talent, we create an uplifting and engaging platform to spread awareness about prostate cancer, its symptoms, and the importance of early detection.

Prostate Cancer Myths Busting Fun Nights: These events are designed to debunk common myths and misconceptions about prostate cancer in a fun and interactive way. Through games, quizzes, and engaging activities, participants learn the facts about prostate health and the reality of living with and beyond prostate cancer.

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Remember, cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence. With early detection, access to quality care, and a supportive community, individuals affected by prostate cancer can lead fulfilling lives. Join us in our mission to spread hope, knowledge, and support to those impacted by prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer comedy  night 01/06/2023  the Front Room (Croydon)


Prostate cancer comedy  night 01/06/2023  the Front Room (Croydon)

Prostate cancer comedy  night 01/06/2023  the Front Room (Croydon)

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