"Talking is the first step to your healing"

The Community Support

Welcome to CDLIW support group, where men have the opportunity to share their stories about their personal journeys with prostate cancer. By sharing their experiences, they aim to inspire others who may be facing similar situations. As Jeff Thompson often emphasizes, talking is the first step towards your healing. At CDLIW, we have a supportive community of men who are eager to share their stories and discuss the treatment options they have chosen to combat this disease.


Roger Reid

Roger found out by accident that he had prostate cancer whilst investigating a shoulder injury. His PSA reading was 56 and after a second reading went up to 59. After a biopsy his gleeson score was 4+5. The highest possible reading is 10. After a prostatectomy it was discovered he had two tumours; one had become matastatic and spread to his seminal vesicles. He has started hormone treatment and scheduled to start radiotherapy in January 2024.

Rev'd Churchill Davy

Hello, my name is Reverend Churchill Davy, and I am 71 years old. In early 2021, I received a stage 4 prostate cancer diagnosis and began Hormonal Therapy treatment in February/March of that year. I emphasise the word "finally" because I had an MRI scan in July 2016, but I didn't receive the results until December 29th. Ignorance is not bliss, especially when it comes to men's health. It's crucial to take responsibility for your body and well-being. 1 in 4 black men will face a prostate cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. Therefore, I urge anyone over 45 years of age, or even younger if you have a male relative who has either passed away from or is living with prostate cancer, to consult your GP and request a PSA blood test as a starting point. This simple step could save your life and spare you unnecessary pain and suffering. Remember, it's your life, and CancerDontLetItWin is here for you - a safe space where you can ask questions and receive answers from men who, like you, have firsthand experience with prostate cancer

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